2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Price in Qatar

The Honda CBR1000RR ABS has been a favorite among motorcycle fans for its strong performance and stylish design. For 2024, Honda has improved this popular sport bike even more. The new features and upgrades make the 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS an exciting choice for riders in Qatar.

Many riders are curious about the price of the 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS in Qatar. We will look at the pricing details of the 2024 model in Qatar, compare it to other similar bikes, and discuss the features that justify its cost.

Honda CBR1000RR ABS Price in Qatar

The 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS is a powerful sport bike that looks great and performs even better. Its sleek design and aggressive styling are perfect for riders who love speed and excitement. The price for the Honda CBR1000RR ABS in Qatar starts around 60,480 Qatari Riyals, making it an affordable option for many people.

Honda CBR1000RR ABS Bike Images

Honda CBR1000RR Bike Mileage And Colors

The Honda CBR1000RR is designed for performance, so its mileage may not be as high as some commuter bikes. On average, you can expect the Honda CBR1000RR to deliver around 15-20 kilometers per liter (km/l), depending on riding conditions, riding style, and maintenance.

The Honda CBR1000RR is available in various colors, like Grand Prix Red, Matte Ballistic Black Metallic & Pearl White.

These colors are designed to enhance the bike’s aggressive styling and modern design, making it stand out whether on the track or on the streets.

Key Features Of The Honda CBR1000RR ABS

  • The bike has a 999cc engine, giving it lots of power for fast speeds and strong acceleration.
  • Equipped with ABS, the brakes help prevent skidding and ensure safe stops even in tough conditions.
  • Riders can choose different modes to match riding conditions and personal preference.
  • Bright LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals improve visibility and make the bike look modern.
  • The seat is comfortable and the foot pegs can be adjusted, making long rides more enjoyable and fitting different rider sizes.

Features and Specs 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS

The 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS is packed with features and specifications that make it a standout in the sportbike category. Here’s a detailed look at what this model offers:

Engine and Performance
  • Engine Type: 999cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder
  • Power Output: Approximately 189 horsepower
  • Torque: High torque delivery for strong acceleration
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual with quick shifter
  • Fuel System: Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Design and Dimensions
  • Frame: Lightweight and rigid aluminum frame for excellent handling
  • Overall Length: Approximately 2,065 mm (81.3 inches)
  • Overall Width: Approximately 720 mm (28.3 inches)
  • Overall Height: Approximately 1,140 mm (44.9 inches)
  • Wheelbase: Approximately 1,405 mm (55.3 inches)
  • Seat Height: Approximately 831 mm (32.7 inches)
  • Weight: Around 196 kg (432 lbs) (Curb weight)
Suspension and Brakes
  • Front Suspension: Fully adjustable 43mm inverted Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF)
  • Rear Suspension: Unit Pro-LinkĀ® with adjustable Showa Balance Free Rear Cushion (BFRC)
  • Front Brakes: Dual 320mm discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers
  • Rear Brakes: Single 220mm disc with single-piston caliper
  • ABS: Advanced ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for enhanced safety
Wheels and Tires
  • Front Tire: 120/70 ZR17
  • Rear Tire: 190/50 ZR17
  • Wheels: Lightweight cast aluminum wheels
Electronics and Rider Aids
  • Ride Modes: Multiple ride modes (e.g., Sport, Track, Rain) for different riding conditions
  • Traction Control: Adjustable traction control system for improved grip and stability
  • Wheelie Control: Advanced wheelie control system
  • Launch Control: For optimized race starts
  • Electronic Steering Damper: For stability at high speeds
  • TFT Display: Full-color TFT screen providing real-time information and customizable settings
  • LED Lighting: Full LED headlight, taillight, and turn signals for improved visibility
Comfort and Ergonomics
  • Seat: Comfortable and ergonomic seat with ample padding
  • Foot Pegs: Adjustable foot pegs to accommodate different riding styles
  • Handlebars: Clip-on handlebars for a sporty riding position
Additional Features
  • Aerodynamics: Aerodynamic bodywork with integrated winglets for improved downforce and stability
  • Exhaust: Lightweight and performance-oriented exhaust system
  • Fuel Capacity: Approximately 16 liters (4.2 gallons) for extended riding range
Safety and Convenience
  • Keyless Ignition: Convenient keyless start system
  • Cruise Control: Available on some models for relaxed long-distance riding
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone integration and navigation

The 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS combines cutting-edge technology, high performance, and sleek design, making it a top choice for sport bike enthusiasts looking for an exhilarating riding experience.


The 2024 Honda CBR1000RR ABS is an exciting and top-performing motorcycle with a sleek design and advanced features. While it may come with a higher price, its quality and performance make it a worthy investment for those looking for a powerful and reliable ride in Qatar.

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